Those who work with bearings on a daily basis know how hard it is to discover the meaning of their many designations, how complicated it is to exactly understand all their prefixes and suffixes and, of course, understand how this information interferes in applications.

Bearing Data Corporation was founded in 2017, after roughly 10 years of careful planning and hard work, with the objective of filling this gap in the industrial bearings market. Developed by a team of specialists in the area, the Bearing Data system comprises a vast, reliable and comprehensive database that provides industries a search network for easy and quick consultation.

Mission: to organize data regarding industrial bearings worldwide and make it accessible.

Vision: to be the global reference in industrial bearings interchange.

Values: innovation and reliability through quick and precise information.


Thanks to its interchange program, Optimus®, the Bearing Data System provides you reports that consolidate and gather designations of different manufacturers. In just a few seconds, you have all possible alternatives and can select the most appropriate bearing based on the specifications furnished in our reports, as well as optimize your project costs.

Competitive Advantage

More than 5 million bearings designations

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Complete and precise interchange of industrial bearings

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Approximately 800 types of bearings for better application options

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